Why I Focus on the Constitution

January 12, 2010

A wise man once said, “That which we ignore or forget, our children may not know; what our children do not know, our grandchildren may not possess.” For this very reason, I have been speaking about the Constitution to various groups across the great State of Utah for the past several months. I am convinced that the principle of limited government, essential to upholding the Constitution, has been ignored and even forgotten by members of Congress from both political parties, thus threatening the future of our children and grandchildren.

The message I have been sharing—that the Constitution is the key to solving many of our current problems—has struck a responsive chord in freedom-loving Utahns throughout the State. The Constitution rings true for Utahns who understand intuitively that the unfettered expansion of the federal government is at the heart of our problems and is the by-product of our elected officials' failure to remember—and adhere to—the Constitution.

My love of the Constitution is not something I pull off the shelf on July 4th, nor is it something I just dust off and bring out during an election year. The Constitution is a driving force in my life which guides my professional work, my interaction with elected officials, my view of current events and my approach for changing the direction of this country. Through my lectures I have been able to share these important principles with a significant number of Utahns, and I have been truly inspired by those who likewise seek to support and defend them. I firmly believe that by working together, we can restore the Constitution to its proper state and standing, reign in the federal government, renew hope in our country and communities and reclaim tomorrow—the future for our children.

Tomorrow starts today! It begins with you and me, each doing our part to defend the wonderful work our Founders created to establish the most prosperous and free nation this world has ever known. We must become educated regarding the Constitution and the principles upon which it is founded. We must analyze the country’s current challenges and Congress’s proposed solutions through the lens of the Constitution. With such a view, we can accurately determine if the proposed solution incorporates and supports the proper role of government. We must also hold our elected officials accountable to the solemn oaths they have taken to support and defend this document. And finally, we must do our part to ensure that only true advocates of the Constitution are entrusted with this power and elected to office. With truly committed constitutional leaders at the helm, we can shift away from a perpetually growing government and the corresponding loss of personal liberty, and instead preserve our freedoms and enjoy the prosperity our great nation affords.

For this reason, I have chosen to run for the U.S. Senate—to advance a recognition and remembrance of, and discussion regarding, the Constitution in the halls of Congress, and to apply the enduring principles of liberty to the problems of our day. Those with whom I have interacted during my lectures throughout the State have committed to do their part to hold their elected officials accountable and ensure our Constitution is followed. Likewise, I have committed myself to advancing the principles found in the Constitution by running for the U.S. Senate.

I believe the reason attendance at my lectures has continued to increase is because Utahns are excited about a positive message of liberty and restoring our strength through the document which made us strong. By remembering the principles upon which our Nation was founded, our children will know and understand freedom and our grandchildren will possess and inherit lasting liberty.

I hope that you'll join me—bring your friends, your questions, and your own willingness to step up in this battle and improve our great nation.

Please visit our events page to see when we'll be in a city near you, and if you can't make it anytime soon you can see a recently recorded lecture on our multimedia page.

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