Lee leading Bridgewater by nine in poll

June 11, 2010


June 11, 2010 – Alpine, Utah – In a recent poll conducted this past Tuesday night, Mike Lee, candidate for U.S. Senate, leads Tim Bridgewater by nine percentage points; 39% Lee, 30% Bridgewater, 31% Undecided.


Chris Wilson of Wilson Research Strategies (WRS), who fielded the survey, wrote, “As voters compare the two choices, they are choosing Mike Lee by nearly a double-digit margin.” He continued, “Lee is even stronger among those who know the most about the two candidates, including those who hold favorable opinions of both.”

memorandum from WRS shows Mike Lee with an eleven point lead over Bridgewater with likely voters who think favorably of both candidates, which is a key measurement, especially in primary elections.


“I'm encouraged with the news, but by no means is the campaign letting up, with twelve days to go, there is still a lot of campaigning ahead as I share my plan to reign in spending, balance the budget and repeal Obama's unconstitutional health care bill,” said Mike Lee.


Campaign Manager Jonathan Reid expounded on the Lee's campaign current efforts, “The campaign is working hard, making thousands of calls each night reminding Utahns they can vote early. If you don't know where to vote, check with your county clerk to find the closest early voting location.”