Ken Ivory Endorses Mike Lee

April 28, 2010

Fresh off Salt Lake County Convention Landslide, Ken Ivory Endorses Mike Lee

Over the past 18 years, the federal government has increased the national debt by nearly $10 Trillion and has expanded its intrusions into virtually every aspect of our lives. Now, more than ever, we need a senator who understands and respects the restraints that were deliberately designed into the limited, constitutional authority, which the states delegated to the federal government.

While I deeply respect all of the very worthy challengers to Senator Bennett, I am convinced that Mike Lee has the knowledge, the experience and the fortitude to “uphold and defend the Constitution” against all onslaughts including, most importantly, the erosion of the most important constitutional check and balance of strong, sovereign states.

Mike is a man of integrity with a positive vision for our future. He understands that government is not the solution to most problems -- government is the problem. His focus on the Constitution is encouraging because it is the Constitution, not the government, which establishes the great pillars of our prosperity through the preservation of our individual liberty.

I am proud to stand with Mike Lee in upholding and defending our great Constitution.

About Ken Ivory: Ken Ivory is the Republican nominee for Utah House of Representatives, District 47. At the Salt Lake County Convention, April 24, 2010, Ken defeated long-time incumbent Steve Mascaro. Ken received 77 percent of the delegate vote.