February 11, 2010

Announced Endorsements

  • Senator Bob Bennett
  • Senator Orrin Hatch
  • Congressman Rob Bishop
  • Congressman Jason Chaffetz
  • Former Utah Governor Norm Bangerter
  • Former U.S. Congressman Jim Hansen
  • Attorney General Mark Shurtleff
  • Former Utah State Representative John Swallow
  • Utah Senator Curt Bramble
  • Utah Senator Allen Christensen
  • Utah Senator Mark Madsen
  • Utah Senator Michael Waddoups
  • Utah Senator Kevin Van Tassell
  • Utah Senator Wayne Niederhauser
  • Utah Representative John Dougall
  • Utah Representative Francis Gibson
  • Utah Representative Kerry Gibson
  • Utah Representative Craig Frank
  • Utah Representative Ken Sumsion
  • Utah Representative Todd Kiser
  • Utah Representative Mike Morley
  • Utah Representative Curt Oda
  • Utah Representative Ryan Wilcox
  • Utah Representative Brad Daw
  • Utah Representative Carl Wimmer
  • Republican Nominee District 47 Ken Ivory
  • Utah Representative Jim Bird
  • Troy Rawlings, Davis County District Attorney
  • Tom Dolan, Mayor Sandy City

Grass Roots Leaders

  • Alan Daniel, 9/12 Coalition of Southern Utah President
  • Amber & Jeremy Harrison, Uintah County 9/12 Project County Organizers
  • Becky Pirente, Utah County 9/12 Project County Organizer
  • Brian Halladay, Utah County 9/12 Project County Organizer
  • Candace E. Salima, Utah County Tea Party Leader
  • Casey Anderson, Campaign for Liberty Regional Coordinator
  • Clark Roberts, Weber County 9/12 Project County Organizer
  • Darcy Van Orden, Davis County 9/12 Project Unite Chair
  • David Pyne, Utah Republican Assembly Board Member
  • Diane Adams, 9/12 Coalition of Southern Utah Treasurer
  • Donnette & Larry Bodily, Cache Valley Tea Party Leaders
  • Don Guymon, Utah Republican Assembly Board
  • Ellen Schunk, Dixie Republican Forum Chair
  • Jacqueline Smith, Star Forum Founder
  • James Flohr, Citizens Council on Illegal Immigration of Washington County Vice Chair
  • Janie & John R. Hawley, Liberty Rim Republic Organizers
  • Jared Law, Utah 9/12 Project Organizer
  • Jerry Dearinger, Utah County 9/12 Project Group Leader
  • Julian Babbitt, UT Republican Liberty Caucus State Chair
  • Karen Monsen, Utah County 9/12 Project Group Leader
  • Kim Coleman, Salt Lake County North 9/12 Project Organizer
  • Kim Weis, Bear River City 9/12 Coordinator
  • Larry Jensen, Salt Lake County South 9/12 Project Organizer
  • Larry Meyers, St. George Dixie Republican Forum Past President
  • Linda Anderson, Utah County 9/12 Project Group Leader
  • Loma McKinnon, Utah County 9/12 Project Group Leader
  • Michele Alder, Cache County North 9/12 Project Organizer
  • Michelle King, Cache Valley Tea Party Leader
  • Michele LeMmon, Davis County 9/12 Project Organizer
  • Mike Swenson, Take Back Utah Co Founder
  • Mitzi Butler, Southern Utah Tea Party Leader
  • Nancy Norris, Beaver County 9/12 Project Group Organizer
  • Patti & Chuck Bateman, Cache County 9/12 Project Organizer
  • Robert Wren, UFIRE Chair

Business Leaders

  • Blake Roney — Chairman, NuSkin
  • Jonathan E. Johnson III — President, Overstock.com
  • John Pestana — Co-Founder, Omniture
  • Dave Wunderli — President, Ogio International, Inc.
  • Jordan Clements — Managing Partner, Peterson Partners
  • Brad Pelo — CEO, i.TV
  • Jim Seaberg — Managing Parter, Lodestar Capital Partners
  • Darren Lee — CEO, NextPage, Inc.

Add Your Endorsement

Mike's campaign for Senate is fueled by patriotic individuals like yourself who are concerned about the future of our nation. Please consider adding your endorsement of Mike Lee below, sharing why you think he should be the next Senator from Utah.

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I support and endorse Mike Lee for Utah Senator. I have listened to Mike speak in several different situations. He has a passion for the Constitution and a desire to get the United States back to what our founding fathers wanted. Mike has the tenacity to fight for what is right and not give in to the peer pressure that is Washington D.C.

I endorse Mike Lee to be the US Senator representing the State of Utah. I have spent a great deal of time meeting and studying the candidates for the Senate seat. For a long time I was disappointed because I didn't feel like there was anyone I could get behind whole-heartedly. Shortly after Lee entered the race I invited him up to Cache Valley so that the residents here could meet him. I had some doubts at first but as I heard Mike speak and listened to him answer questions after his presentation, there were no doubts left in my mind that he is the one who should represent Utah.

Mike Lee displayed a deep understanding of the Constitution and how it has been usurped by decisions of the courts and other means. He speaks very sincerely about his love and respect for the Constitution and the founding fathers. He shows an ability to stand for principle even when it is difficult and will be able to not only stand up to the heat in Washington, but will make waves toward restoring Constitutional rights for all of us.

Mike Lee comprises the rare qualities that I have looked for in a national leader for quite some time. During recent debates between the Senate candidates, I have found myself continually impressed that not only did Mike Lee answer each debate question in the same manner that I would have answered it, but that his answers were much more articulately stated and and based on much more constitutional knowledge than I possess.

Mike has the ability, unlike any of the other candidates, to not only explain an issue in layman's terms, but to also make clear why it is important to consider each issue in light of the Constitution.

The bulk of our national political problems are a direct result of most of our leaders' having treated the Constitution with nonchalance. To gradually erase those problems, we need more leaders who revere our founding documents. For Utah, Mike Lee is such a man.

Refreshingly, Mike gives the Constitution the healthy respect that it deserves. He will be a tireless and effective advocate for sound Constitutional principles in Washington D.C.

I endorse Mike Lee for the United States Senate.

Mike Lee is the first candidate that has excited me and motivated me to actually want to get to the polls and vote in a long time. I have had the chance to ask Mike some questions in person and can personally vouch for the man's sincerity when he talks about basing all of his political philosophies and decisions on the Constitution. I would implore all to seriously put his stances on the issues under scrutiny and see if you can come up with a good reason as to why you would not vote for someone like this.

I had the opportunity to meet with Mike for about an hour at a gun show in Salt Lake in January. I was impressed by his understanding of the Constitution and on principles of Liberty in general. Were the election tomorrow, I would cast my vote for Mike Lee.

I strongly endorse Mike Lee for the U.S. Senate. I am absolutely fed up with the blatant disregard of our constitution and its purpose. The obvious disrespect that Congress has shown to our founding fathers [and the basis of our country] must be turned around. I’ve met with Senator Bennett and experienced his condescending discount of important issues, even though I represented thousands of military members in Utah in my capacity. Mike Lee’s approach is constitutionally based and focuses on empowering the states and local governments once again.

I support Mike Lee's candidacy for U.S. Senate 2010. He understands, properly interprets, and is an advocate the Constitution of the United States. He has expressed -- intelligently and passionately -- his plans for tackling several of the most severe problems facing this coutnry, i.e., the deficit, the lack of responsive action from our elected officials, the continual "growing" of the Federal government, at much more.

Get to know him and his position. Work for him, and then vote for him.

As I have looked at all those who are running. Mike Lee has answered the questions to my liking. We need change. He will be for the people.

When I was first told about Mike I thought he sounded like he might be the man for the job, but I had to listen to him myself before I could make that judgment. I have now listened to him on several occasions and each time I am more impressed.

I have also taken the time to listen to what the other candidates had to say. They each have good points, but when I attended the soft debate at the Independence Caucus dinner I could clearly see that Mike was by far the best choice.

Cherilyn basically gave the same few answers for every question. She warned that she might sound like a broken record - and she did. James seems like a really good guy, but he didn't seem able to articulate his ideas very well. Tim seemed like a pretty sharp guy, but I noticed that his comments didn't clearly answer the questions at times.

Mike's answers were spot on! He very clearly stated his answers that not only gave me the confidence that he truly understands the Constitution, but also helped me to understand it better too.

I have heard Mike wisely answer some very tough questions. I have watched him keep his composure while his opinion was under attack by another politician. I was very impressed with how calm Mike was and very unimpressed with how the other politician was practically throwing a temper tantrum.

This is just a short version of why I think that Mike is the perfect replacement for Bob Bennett. I could go on & on because he is so impressive!

Every single day I receive phone calls, emails and Facebook messages from people begging me to give them the answers ... they want to know how we are going to rescue the U.S. Constitution and the Republic. I have been very public about the solutions: become educated about the Constitution and the Republic, American history and our founding fathers. Learn why they chose a representational form of government over a pure democracy. But the thing I've said once if I've said it a thousand times, "find a candidate you can get behind and thrown your support behind that person, 150%."

This very thing is why I was drawn to the candidacy of Mike Lee in the first place. After hearing him speak about the U.S. Constitution I was blown away but the breadth and scope of his understanding of the greatest document written in the history of this world. Then I listened to him outline real-world solutions to the problems we face now and he had my vote.

Mike Lee wants to restore a constitutional government to Washington, D.C. and so do I. I firmly and publicly endorse Mike Lee for the U.S. Senate. He is the man Utah needs in Washington, D.C. One who understand his oath of office and has actually read, and constantly refers to, the U.S. Constitution.

I endorse Mike Lee's candidacy for U.S. Senate. He has an impressive mastery of the text and intent of the U.S. Constitution, Code, and case law. He has a great ability to bring many different people together by clearly explaining how individual liberty and constitutionally limited government benefit everybody.

I have been to hear Mike speak on several occasions and have always been impressed. I have attended two separate debates between the candidates for senate and it is clear to me that he is the best choice for Utahns.

I appreciate his stand on decreasing the size of the federal government and bringing the power back to the state. Utah does not need people in Washington telling us what is best for us. We know what is best for our state and the individuals that reside here. I believe Mike is the man to insure that this happens.

Mike has a solid understanding and a firm belief in the constitution and what the founding fathers knew would be best for this country.

Mike is a man of integrity and honor. I am tired of the same old political warfare, spending more time telling us why we shouldn't vote for their opponents instead of why we should vote for them. I am happy to say that I have never heard Mike say why we shouldn't vote for someone, instead I know why I should vote for him. He will represent the people of Utah well, we need him in Washington fighting for what we want and need. I wholeheartedly support Mike Lee in his run for the US Senate in 2010.

Senator Bennett must be replaced and Mike Lee is the best choice among the candidates. His campaign is focused on the need to start following the Constitution again and that's the focus we need. Most of the problems in society today are made much worse because our representatives including Senator Bennett refuse to honor their oath of office.

I believe Mike understands the Constitution and is committed to honoring his oath of office. I believe he has the intelligence to get elected and to make a difference.

I wholeheartedly support Mike Lee in his run for the United States Senate. He is a real leader and not just a politician who is adapting his message for a current political environment. His values are deeply held and he understands the challenges facing our country.

His principles of limited government are key to getting out of the mess we are in. I know that Mike is and will continue to be a strong supporter of the Constitution and he will influence his fellow Senators to do likewise.

I took some time researching this out. I read all the campaign websites for all candidates. I watched all their videos, and read all I could find on all of them. Then I traveled the state a little to listen to ALL of them, and have been to 3 different debates with all candidates present.

After all of this, I can clearly state that I fully endorse Mike Lee to be the next Senator from Utah. He has knowledge regarding the Constitution and our government like no one else. He has passion and conviction to stand up for what is right.

I am convinced, Utah AND the United States of America NEED Mike Lee in the US Senate, NOW!

Mike Lee considers the U.S. Constitution to be the most important secular document ever written. It came about by inspired men, and had we, as a nation, adhered to its original text, we would not be in the condition we now find ourselves, and if we follow that same document, in its original intent and function, we can solve the current problems now facing our nation. Mike Lee understands the Constitution, he loves it, he believes it. He is bright, articulate, and can think on his feet. He is energetic and understands the nature of the huge task that lies ahead. He is familiar with Washington, knows and understands the ominous task, and is willing to sacrifice much to serve. We need him. Government was intended to serve us. We were not intended to serve government. Mike Lee can be instrumental in turning this around. Let's send him to do just that! I LIKE MIKE!

I fully support Mike Lee in his run for the senate. Anyone in favor of term limits and a return to a prescriptive approach to the constitution is a winner in my book, and Mike Lee is that kind of candidate. Let's send him to DC!

This is the first time I have ever 'voluntarily' donated and become personally involved in politics other than as a patron citizen. I believe Mike Lee! I am so grateful for the commitment he is making to defend the principles of our forefathers who established this great "nation under God"! For the first time since Ronald Reagan, I feel like I have someone in politics I would be willing to fight for in the cause of liberty and freedom! We need Mike in the senate to stand for what this state is truly about!

Congress has ignored the constitution of the United States for decades. The resulting crisis is now upon us.

First, in the loss of personal freedoms including the freedom to work and enjoy the fruits of our own labors without a government taking the fruits of our labor to distribute to others.

Second, in the loss of economic strength and imminent slide into living conditions that we have associated in the past with third world countries. Within four years the interest on our national debt will require payments that exceed our expenditures for domestic programs. The collapse is imminent.

Bob Bennett is smart but not intelligent. He has personally led efforts that cost us billions. He has supported a growing federal government with little respect for individual rights and no concept of economic realities.

Mike Lee believes in the principles of government wisely developed in the formation of this great nation and embodied in the constitution. These principles protect us from the excesses of government if we elect representatives who understand them. The violations of these principles have put us at great risk. We face an unprecedented fall in the standard of our living and worse for our children and grandchildren.

Let's elect Mike Lee and others who believe in freedom and the rights of individuals and states.

We need a true constitutionalist in office. We need someone who supports individual liberty, limited government and state's rights. Please support Mike Lee!

I support Mike. The problem with our senators, now seated, is their so called "fiscal conservatism" and limited government stance. They have each disappointed those who truly believe in a less intrusive federal government. It's time for a new face with real principles. Go get 'em, Mike!

We face many challenges as a nation today; one of the greatest is Senators like Bob Bennett who see the federal government as a solution to every problem. Mike Lee recognizes that problems are best solved, as the founders envisioned, by the states and individuals. Mike will help pull the federal government back to its constitutionally specified and limited role. He is by far the most capable of the candidates to do this.

Electing Mike Lee is am important step in takeing our country back.

Electing Mike Lee is an important step in taking back our country.

I endorse Mike Lee's candidacy for U.S. Senate.

I am from a social networking generation. My phone is always buzzing from texts, emails, and tweets about how we need to rescue the U.S. Constitution and the Republic. I am no politician. All I know is how to connect with others who seek to be more educated about the Constitution and the Republic, American history and our founding fathers. We seem to be like lost sheep who find it difficult to find a honest candidate that we can get behind and throw our support behind that person.

This is why I was drawn to the candidacy of Mike Lee. I went to an event and heard him speak about the U.S. Constitution I was blown away! He really understands the greatest document ever written in the history of this world. I listened to him outline real-world solutions to the problems we face now.

Mike Lee wants to restore a constitutional government to Washington, D.C. and so do I. I firmly and publicly endorse Mike Lee for the U.S. Senate. He is the man Utah needs in Washington, D.C. One who understand his oath of office and has actually read, and constantly refers to, the U.S. Constitution.

I have attended many of Mike's meetings and have visited with him personally on several occasions. During this time, I have never seen Mike pander to a group or shy away from tough questions. While he is very much willing to listen to differing opinions and solutions, he is also not afraid to take a stand. I feel that Mike has the depth, integrity, courage, and knowledge needed to represent our state and help congress take the hard steps needed to get our country back on track. I like Mike!

We belong to the greatest country in the history of mankind. It's origins, I believe, are inspired by the God of Heaven. The Constitution, Bill of Rights, Separation of Power and a Representative government becomes the foundation which allowed us to be a light in the world for good.
I have listened to all of the candidates and hear many good things being said. Mike is the only one that speaks the way I think and feel. More than just words being said to get elected, I can see that he believes what he is saying and will defend and support the foundation upon which we as a country stand.

Because I feel this way I will do all I can to get Mike known to the great people of Utah and believe that when they see and hear him they will support him like I do.

I first met Mike at his Constitutional events he held across the state. When I listened to his ideas, to his plan of bringing back the Constitution to the debate in Washington DC, I hoped he would run for office. Then my hopes did become reality.

I have full confidence in Mike. I believe that he has a quality like Reagan did, to attract people to his ideas. That he can make people understand that the issues that we face in DC these days can be solved by going back to the text that is the foundation for our government.

I know that Mike Lee will be the next Senator from Utah. I know he will represent me well and that he will make me proud for my support of him.

I am proud to say I have found a candidate that I can support. Mike Lee is what we need in Washington. What I love about Mike is that he understands and TEACHES that our representation answers to us. It is time we take back our liberty's and I know Mike Lee will represent our childrens freedoms. He is a true defender of the Constitution.

The Real Thing - This is what we need. If you'll take the opportunity to listen where you are not interrupted by the Political Hype, you'll see that Mike is the "Real Deal." Just listen.

Mike has a grasp of the intent and text of the Constitution that is possessed by few patriots. I have come to see that his vision of limited government is that of the founders. His pro-liberty vision will help lead this country in a direction of hope and prosperity.

I believe when Mike Lee becomes Utah’s Senator he will resonate throughout the country and help shift the pendulum back to the Constitution.

I had the chance to meet Mike on a visit he made to the student republicans at the UofU. I had listened to other candidates for senate debate and was unsettled with the options. After hearing Mike's passion for the U.S. Constitution and the inspired check and balances it should be providing us, I knew he stood apart in subtle but important ways. I enjoyed his understanding of states rights in contrast with the constitutional limits of the federal government. From my researching of the candidates I gladly support Mike Lee in his bid as senator from Utah.

We are at a pivotal time in our country where we need civil, patriotic citizens who are willing to put their personal lives on hold and uphold their oath of office. That means defending and honoring the constitution of our Country. Mike will do it.

Our current budget is out of control, and the incumbents have allowed it to happen. Utah is the best managed state in the nation primarily because of a mandated balanced budget. We need the same thing for our country. Mike advocates it.

When our founding fathers disagreed on the contents of the Constitution they worked it out, without attacking each others character. To get out of the current mess we’re in we need someone who will represent us with civility, even when in disagreement with others. Mike has shown he can do it.

Worried that he’s an attorney? I’m not. 35 of the 55 framers of the Constitution were too. Mike is a constitutional attorney. Mike understands the Constitution, and how it was formed.

We need answers to solve the problems we have, not just rhetoric. Mike has identified significant problems and proposed solutions. Mike has a plan.

When our Constitution is being attacked by politicians and lobbyists who think that government is the answer, I want Mike there to defend it.

Mike is the best candidate to represent our state in the U.S. Senate.

To me, Mike is someone who loves our Constitution. He knows it better than any other candidate. His father, Rex Lee (sound familiar? - Lee Law School) taught him around the dinner table ever since he was born about the Constitution and to love it. He is very positive and refuses to do any negative campaigning. He shows a lot of leadership skills and has a lot of great experience.

Most important to me is Mike's commitment to governance based on the Constitution.

I want Mike Lee's passion for the Constitution in the U.S. Senate. We lose our liberty each time we look to the government to solve problems that we have the ability to solve without it.

I endorse Mike Lee because I feel he will represent Utah eloquently on the Senate floor, bringing back constitutional principles.

Mike Lee is principled, understands, loves and follows constitutional principles as propounded by its founders who I believe were inspired of God.

He supports small government, balanced budgets, strict compliance with actual constitutional mandates.

He will be best able to communicate these principles in the Senate and guide others toward them.

I like Mike because I love what our country's Constitution says more than I love seniority in my U.S. Senator. Bob Bennett is a perfectly nice guy who has just grown moldy.

I support Mike because he is not a politician. He is a constitutionalist who knows, loves, and can debate from a constitutional point of view. I believe he will not back down from the good fight.

Mike understands the power of peace and prosperity found in the original formulation of the Constitution. Many say they love it, but few actually understand it as does "Mike Lee for Senate"!

I like Mike! Why? I am very impressed with his intelligence and knowledge about the law and the Constitution. I agree with his vision of where our country is and what needs to be done to bring it back to its foundation. He's not a crazy radical. He's down to earth. I trust him. That's why I like Mike.

I wholeheartedly support Mike Lee for U.S. Senate because he truly defends the Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers and he can articulate it which will make others in Washington take notice, and make it cool again for Congress to follow the Constitution.

The federal government spends more than it takes in during good times and bad. It is a formula for disaster.

Returning responsibility to the states is the only way I can think of to get spending under control. Mike is the person to make it happen.

I endorse Mike Lee because he is a principled man who knows, understands, and follows the Constitution.

Mike is wonderful! I have never felt so strongly about a candidate ever! Maybe because I've never been so worried about America. Mike is the ONE that we need to represent us in Washington NOW! America and Utah need him! His knowledge about and passion for the Constitution is unmatched! He is powerful. He is honest and upright.

He is running for the Senate because he knows he's qualified and is compelled to help get America back on track. He shines above the rest. These are desperate times for America... Mike is the one we NEED!

Finally, a senatorial candidate I can give my full support without reservation. Mike Lee is the right man for the job. There is hope again in America!

After studying the candidates, I support Mike because I want a Senator who follows the Constitution, and that's what Mike will do. Returning to the Constitution will return our country to the greatness of liberty.

I endorse Mike Lee because he represents the Constitution in the manner I believe it was originally intended. I'm concerned with the direction this country is going and went to Washington D.C. this past September.

I support Mike Lee. My friend said he has only one item on his agenda: the Constitution. I know the things I support: a small federal government, freedom of speech, religion, and the right to bear arms. I know that over the last six or seven decades the federal government has taken more than the Constitution allows. Mike Lee is the person to make that change.

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