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April 28, 2010

Dear Delegate,

As an elected Delegate to the Utah Republican Convention, you have taken upon yourself a great responsibility — especially at this moment in the history of our country. We appreciate your willingness to stand as a representative of the people within your precinct.

The purpose of this letter, formulated by business leaders and organizers in your community, is to express our support for Mike Lee as a candidate for the United States Senate. We believe Mike represents the key traits, capabilities, and policy commitments we must expect from our elected officials.

Our Federal Government has gone astray by mortgaging our future and creating enormous debt and deficits for future generations to carry. In order to reclaim our future, we must support new candidates, with new purpose, who are committed to return to the constitutional principles of limited government.

To do our part to reclaim the future of our country, we propose the following plan to “Reclaim the American Dream” for each of us and for the next generation.

Reclaim the American Dream

Elected officials must have the courage, judgment, influence and ethical fortitude to uphold the principles of the Constitution. They must take action to maintain America’s position as the world’s source of statesmanship, innovation, and intellectual capital by making a firm commitment to:

  1. Drive economic growth by ending government bailouts, removing regulatory and tax impediments and instead offering businesses incentives to create jobs and encourage investment.
  2. Reject deficit spending and push decision making for social programs to the states while providing them with flexibility to use federal funds as the Constitution intended.
  3. Reduce the national debt by developing a transition plan for shrinking the obligations of entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, for those not in or near retirement.
  4. Reform the tax code and migrate from a progressive tax to a flat tax or national sales tax approach, which produces the most revenues with the least economic disruption.

To “Reclaim the American Dream” new leadership is required. We believe Mike Lee is that leader who will restore the constitutional debate in Congress and he will work to drive policies to grow the economy. Join us in working to elect Mike Lee to the U.S. Senate, and together we will return our Country to greatness.



Blake Roney — Chairman, NuSkin
Jonathan E. Johnson III — President,
John Pestana — Co-Founder, Omniture
Dave Wunderli — President, Ogio International, Inc.
Jordan Clements — Managing Partner, Peterson Partners
Brad Pelo — CEO, i.TV
Jim Seaberg — Managing Parter, Lodestar Capital Partners
Darren Lee — CEO, NextPage, Inc.

Sign the Letter

Are you an entrepreneur, business owner or executive from Utah who would like to sign on to the "Reclaim the American Dream" vision and add your support for Mike Lee? Fill out the form below and add your endorsement to the growing list of business leaders who believe Mike Lee will help re-energize the economy, grow jobs and restore the greatness of America.

Business people need to recognize that those who wrote the Constitution were entrepreneurs and they just wanted to grow their businesses without government getting in the way. The Constitution protects entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship drives democracy.

Mike Lee is exactly what our country and our economy need!

Business asks government to get out of the way. Feds need to allow commerce to thrive and the current administration's stance of finding every way to tax and regulate businesses is the opposite of what works. Mike Lee understands that government works best by least interference in private sector job creation and God-given Constitutional freedoms for the People.

Politicians have long been praised and rewarded for the laws and regulations they create. It's difficult for a politician to justify his office by what he hasn't done. While certain laws and regulations are helpful to business, individuals, and the country, a 70,000+ page tax code is an example of how rewarding politicians for "doing something" without paying close enough attention to exactly what they're doing can hurt those same people politicians claim to be helping. Like John Galt in Atlas Shrugged, I find myself shouting "Get the h___ out of my way!" I see Mike Lee as someone who understands that limited, Constitutional government helps the country, and that unfettered government constrains the creation of wealth and higher standards of living at all levels of society. I also believe Mike has the skills, experience, and relationships to apply his understanding to stripping away needless regulation and rallying others to the same cause.

Mike is the only candidate who gives me the hope that together we can Restore the American Dream!

I am backing Mike Lee because he understands that government doesn't create jobs, businesses do. Mike won't go along with the "too big to fail" line and will champion the cause of less government intervention, less regulation, and lower taxes.
We need leaders like Mike Lee now more than ever.

Mike Lee has impressed me as a person of integrity beyond reproach. His passion for the Constitution is inspiring, and his understanding that business thrives best with minimal government intervention makes me confident in his ability to battle for me as a business owner. I know Mike will represent us well in the cause for lower taxes so we can create jobs and be the recovery package the economy really needs.

Mike Lee understands that businesses need the regulation lifted off them to survive. He is for the fair tax and that alone will allow me to hire more employees.

Our country is facing the toughest of times, and when the going gets tough the tough get going. I think Mike Lee is tough enough to take on Washington and their business as usual. Armed with the constitution and the desire of a free people to have liberty and representation for our great state, Mike will deliver our message loud and clear. Less government, equals more investment, equals more jobs!

Small business is the key to not only our economic recovery but also key to long-term economic growth.
Mike understand this and will get big government out of our pockets by reducing capital gains tax, voting against new taxes, and reducing the corporate tax burden. I like Mike.

The government has gotten too big and too intrusive. The only way to allow free market enterprise to thrive and create jobs is to allow the market to be free. Mike's focus on the principles of the Constitution allow business owners and the ideals of capitalism to prosper without the interference of Washington bureaucrats. We need people like Mike Lee upholding the values on which our great nation is founded.

Mike Lee has the experience to hit the floor of the U.S. Senate running! He understands legislative processes and the inner workings of the U.S. Supreme Court. He will avoid the learning process that most freshman senators encounter. The reduction of the obtrusive federal government in our businesses is mandatory. Mike Lee will do everything in his power to return opportunity to the American business the incentive to grow, employ, and to succeed. This will be done by his voting against new taxes, fighting to curb the effects of nationalized health care, reducing the national debt, simplifying the tax code, minimizing regulation, and getting the role of government back to what was originally intended. Limited with rights reserved to the states and to the people!

As a business owner and resident of Utah, there are many reasons why I support Mike Lee in both these arenas. I think he will bring a straight forward, clean approach to government as I have talked to him on various topics. I give my complete support to Mike Lee.

Mike understands what Utah businesses and citizens need. More importantly he's willing to do what's required to deliver on these needs. I have every confidence in Mike and his abilities. He has earned my highest recommendation.

I've known Mike for nearly twenty years and personally vouch for his integrity and preparation to serve us well.

When I moved my company to Utah in 2004, the first person I met was a guy named Mike Lee. He saw the U-haul back into the driveway and was right there to offer assistance to a new fellow Utahn. Over the years, I've watched Mike and have been impressed by his legal career defending state's rights against the federal government and clerking for Justice Alito of the Supreme Court. Defending our rights as businesses, individuals, and states isn't something academic for Mike, it's what he does. No offense to his competitor, but Mike is by far the best candidate to represent, and articulate, our interests in Washington.

In my opinion big government grants, federally guaranteed loans, and stimulus funding is MORE BIG GOVERNMENT!
Mike understands that the best way to help small businesses succeed is to the the government off our backs and out of our pockets.
Mike knows that our country would be better off if our elected representatives would keep their oath of office and return to the Constitution the way our founders intended it. Our Founding Fathers wanted ALL of us to enjoy the American Dream, not just big corporations.

I'm backing Mike Lee because he actually knows and understands the document that is the basis for lawmaking in this country. I'm also backing him because of his pledge to end deficit spending and instill fiscal responsibility. And I am ESPECIALLY backing Mike because of his commitment to reform the nightmare we call a tax code.

Mike is honest and trustworthy.  We at 1-800 CONTACTS, have worked with Mike for years and have come to appreciate his sound counsel and his ability to rise above the fray to focus on what is most important.  With his wife Sharon by his side, we trust Utah will be represented well in the U.S. Senate.

As business owners, we feel that Mike Lee is by far the best choice to send to Washington to represent the small business man and woman.  He understands the Constitution and will work hard to make sure small businesses are not overtaxed and put out of business.  We feel Mike Lee has the best (of the candidates) understanding of the harm caused by big government, and will do the best to fight against mandated health insurance.  Mike Lee is a warrior and we believe he will do wonderfully as our senator. 

We at Emby Enterprises feel Mike Lee is by far the best choice to send to Washington to represent the small business owners of America.  He understands the Constitution and will work hard to make sure small businesses are not overtaxed and/or put out of business.  He understands the harm that big government can do.  Of the candidates, he is the best at expressing what needs to be done to benefit and build America. We at Emby Enterprises want someone who will fight against mandated and cost prohibitive health insurance . Mike Lee is a warrior and we believe he will do a wonderful job as our Senator.

I support Mike Lee in his quest for the US Senate and know he will better represent my views than anyone else. As the CEO and President of Hoopes Vision, I am particularly impressed with Mike's pledge and commitment to repeal the disastrous ObamaCare legislation which effectively destroys the best healthcare system in the country. This legislation was only supported by about 35-40% of the country and fewer than 30% of the country's surgeons, most of whom will opt out of the Medicare program if changes are not made. The decision to undergo a medical procedure should be between the surgeon and the patient, not an additional government employee who only cares about rationing care and cutting corners.

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